My Mission

In my research and experience, I have discovered that our bodies have an incredible capacity to Heal. The cells of our bodies regenerate all day, every day. By design and genetic structure, the body responds to our environment by adapting to the energy around us. An imbalance in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves can manifest into Dis- ease. As human beings, we are the expression of universal life force energy, sovereign in our own right however we live in a culture whereby the healing of the human body focuses on treating symptoms. Another overlooked dynamic in the cause of Dis-ease is emotional trauma. In my practice, I am finding that more people are awakening to the realization of how closely linked emotional issues and past trauma’s are to diseases within the body. Healing the emotional effects of trauma will most definitely help all forms of Dis-ease. 

As we look within, we take back control of our human body and our life. Let us look past the symptoms because for every effect there is a cause. The causes are numerous. Stress, emotional and/or physical trauma, environmental toxins and the imbalance in the energy and flow of that energy throughout our body. Dis-ease is the effect.  Treating the symptoms is like pulling weeds. They will grow back in time. Determining and treating the root cause allows the body to heal itself. The therapeutic modalities I provide will assist to energize and balance the human body and promote healing. My intuition and medical training guide this practice that is always expressed with love and compassion. The environment I provide is one of safety and privacy. 

Passionate, Experienced, Inspired

Gisele is a registered nurse licensed in the state of NC. She has over 3 decades of nursing experience, which has provided her with an expertise in the dynamics of disease and the function of the human body. She has witnessed and participated in many healing miracles while working in the hospital setting.

Gisele's intuitive skills allow her to be present and focused on the individual needs of the client. Gisele is a certified Reiki Master. She is also certified to provide Reiki for persons in the hospital or preparing for surgery, as well as persons receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Gisele is certified in Level 1 and 2 craniosacral therapy. She is a member of the IARP - International Association of Reiki Professionals and IAHP -International Association of Healthcare Practitioners.

Gisele is passionate about the benefits of universal life force energy, the balancing of the nervous system, and the healing of emotional wounds, all of which allow the body to heal itself and return to a state of optimal function and vitality. 

Gisele is an amazing healer! The dedication to her art comes through clearly. The combined use of reiki and cranial sacral therapies is truly effective. In my few sessions with Gisele, I have seen amazing changes in my life as I continue to open up and believe in myself.
— Michelle